Media Statement: Freedom First International on the Department of Justice refusal of federal charges in Alton Sterling’s shooting

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For Immediate Release: Statement on the Department of Justice refusal federal charges in Alton Sterling’s shooting 

In the case of Alton Sterling our hearts go out to the family:

We are now at a time when we can’t depend on the US Government more specifically the Department of Justice-In communities around the country. To an unaware public  “Killer Cops” in many of these cases stay on the streets without prosecution. The people are not being served, period. The Jeff Sessions Department of Justice message is as long as you wear a badge “you are above the law”

In Baton Rouge people are shouting  “no justice, no peace,” We must continue to ignite and set off, an international dialog-Our goal is to remove any blockage standing in resistance to the prosecution of those who are responsible for Sterling’s death. “The whole thing is not just about Alton … it’s about justice in all of our community nationally and internally.” I call it final justice because we the people are tired now. After Tamir Rice, after John Crawford, after Eric Garner, we are tired now, and the only alternative must be for change.

So we stand with Sandra Sterling and the Sterling Family because final justice means the killings of young black men and women has to end.” No more!

Freedom First International Executive Team

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(For National Distribution-Sent May 2, 2017)


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