Freedom First International. Open Letter to Will County Officials asking for “Justice” in the Death of Semaj Crosby



Semaj Crosby (attribution,unknown)

Media Statement: Open Letter to Will County Officials asking for “Justice” in the Death of Semaj Crosby

    (For Immediate Release-Statement from the Freedom First International President)


Dear Attorney James Glasgow and Officials, 

We are deeply troubled by recent events involving 16 month-old Joliet Township resident-Semaj Crosby. As you very well know, Semaj Crosby, died on Sunday April 27, 2017- After 30 hours of searching for this child’s lifeless body, which tragically was found inside of a couch in the same Joliet Township residence which she lived. 

Respectfully Certain members of Semaj Crosby’s family, advocates and concerned residents of the city (township), as well as concerned people both in Illinois and nationally deserve to know what happened to this child. Simply put, we need answers and updates.  According to last known public facts, The coroner just yesterday determined, that the final cause and manner of the girl’s death is a  homicide, and for us. this is disturbing to say the least.

Please correct us on any facts that may show error but a recent Sheriff’s Office Freedom of Information Act release did disclose that officers came to Semaj’s Joliet Township house 59 times between February 2016 and April 2017. Forty of those calls were for probation checks. Also, according to records two of those calls were for “welfare checks,” one of them in October 2016 and one on March 4, 2017, records show. The concern here is with multiple agencies regularly coming into the residence-It is believed, more could have been done by ways of early intervention, subjectively this child’s life may have been saved.

While we support and uphold the efforts of local authorities to investigate, and support the ongoing review into the murder of this child, we respectfully request that a continued “Independent,” federal criminal civil rights investigation into the death of Semaj Crosby, must proceed. 

While-the vast majority of police officers serve and protect their communities, incidents like this if not handled properly degrade the trust necessary to maintain the relationship between law enforcement and communities. We urge you folks to swiftly conduct all necessary investigations and update the public accordingly. Still, what’s missing is the ongoing update of limited facts to restore the public confidence, which at this point according to a growing number of citizens, feel is beginning to diminish. 

For the record my organization has worked on a national level with human rights and civil rights cases including Tamir Rice (Cleveland, OH) and George Stinney (Manning, SC), and we are committed to supporting advocacy on the ground, and more so the goal of finding “Justice for Semaj Crosby.”

Lastly, “While we are aware of recent limited statements regarding the local investigation interference into this matter,-we also believe the outrageous nature of this death should prompt (an) immediate and thorough investigation  as well as regular community updates.”  Public accountability has to occur regardless of any community emotions that exist.  “We cannot imagine a scenario facing the City of Joliet (Joliet Township)  and Will County which more obviously demands accountability and justice.”

It is our goal to bring further attention to this case with a serious progressive national push in the coming days.

Bishop Gregg L Greer
President, Freedom First International (Executive Team)


Joliet City Mayor

Joliet County Supervisor

Joliet County Trustees 

Joliet Prosecutor 

Will County Deputy Coroner 

Freedom First International Executive Team

Local News


(For National Distribution-Sent September 13, 2017)


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