Media Statement:Open letter to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago Police Board of Supervisors and the Police Commission asking for the immediate and complete resignation of Chicago Police Sgt.George Alex Granias#1731 :

    (For Immediate Release-Statement from the Freedom First International President)
Open letter to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago Police Board of Supervisors and the Police Commission asking for the immediate and complete resignation of Sgt George Granias #1731 :

Good Morning, I’m writing you in an open letter because of recent events over the course of the past six months that have been brought to my attention by citizens of our community. Sgt. George Alex Granias start#1731 when taking the oath of office to serve and protect committed himself to public service on behalf of the residents of Chicago and we commend him for that dedication. Unfortunately- a flurry of incidents have caused for many folks in the greater Chicagoland Community to ask for his immediate and complete resignation from his duties at Chicago Police Department and District 11. Here are detailed items that we charge:

Racist Websites Granias had Registered
Before he was accused of beating a handcuffed African-American woman, a Chicago Police sergeant registered a racist URL:
George Granias, a sergeant is at the heart of a recently settled police brutality lawsuit, purchased at least two websites with racial slurs in their titles, his alleged victim’s lawyer says. The domain names include URLs like “,” the legal team first told CBS Chicago. An investigation by The Daily Beast revealed a series of other domains registered to Granias’ name and address, including “,” “,” and in a jab to Illinois’ former governor, “”. In December 2013, Granias registered, internet records show.


Racist “Use Force Incident” by Granias
Three months later, in Winter of 2014 police arrested Patasa Johnson, a Chicago woman, at a traffic stop. Johnson’s arresting officer accused her of driving drunk, a charge she denied, and which was later dropped. The officer cuffed her in the back of a squad car and drove her to a police station, where “Granias grabbed [Johnson] from the back of the car,” and roughly escorted her into the station, according to a lawsuit Johnson filed against the city in 2015. “Inside the station, Defendant Granias beat [Johnson] while [Johnson] was in hand-cuffs.”

At one point he “Granias” was believed to be one in a line of progressive officers who have overseen the department over the last 10 years; men and women representing a range of backgrounds and experience, but after looking closer with a fine tooth comb of this officers history-we will see a contrast of use of force offenses over 13 complaints 99% including “use of force incidents” all carried out against “blacks”

We as a community must recognize that there is a critical need for outreach and reform to address the very real pain that some are feeling in our city. We also recognize that changing the culture of a police force requires more than just a dedicated officers, and it can’t be done overnight. It takes the support of elected officials, community leaders, everyday citizens, and community minded” rank and file officers.

Our police department, like so many others, needs change. Whether it is being better trained to handle the mentally ill on our streets, to respect diverse cultural differences or to walk beats and protect people and property, it’s clear it is time to increase training and get rid of outdated approaches and more importantly the track to rid the Chicago Police Department of “Bad Officers” must come “swift and certain”

At this point-over the course of the next fews days (weeks), groups of citizens will began a public awareness campaigns in opposition of any organization that supports this officers continued employment with our City. This movement will start upon the release of this “open letter.”  Myself and community members are more than happy to sit down with you and address any concerns, after progress has been made to remove this officer from public service. 

Also, Let this proclamation extend to David Potash, President of  Wilber Wright College and his administration-where Professor Granias has worked as a faculty member under the criminal justice department. Wilber Wright College is where-We intend to organize Protest and rallies with students in the days ahead. We believe-No one with a well documented history of racial discrimination should receive any city pay or be on city payroll.

For the record-Freedom First International has taken on some of most “notable” civil rights cases in America for example Tamir Rice (Cleveland, OH), Alton Sterling (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) and others. We are committed to seeing this through until resolution happens.

Clearly this is an issue that requires your immediate attention.  Please proceed with the needs of the community in mind! 

Regards Bishop Gregg L.Greer, President of Freedom First International


Sent 9/21/2017 to the following:

Mayor of Chicago

Chicago District 11 (Commander) and 

COPA Administrative

Freedom First International Executive Team

Chicago and National Media


(For National Distribution-Sent September 21, 2017)



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