Freedom First International Media Statement to advocacy, media, community. RE: Semaj Crosby



Today,  we have entered into a new stage of our Advocacy with the fight “Justice for Baby Semaj Crosby.” The Semaj Crosby Coalition for Justice (on facebook) has now been formed-soon, we expect to began having actions and public education events on the ground.

The message from the concerned Family of baby Semaj:

For the Crosby’s- It is physically and emotionally draining to be called upon to prove that systems exist-that are working against us. For many, family, advocacy, and community- just struggling to keep this child’s name clear as we fight for “justice” is a task within it’s self. So we now say enough is enough. Now we must ask everyone to break clear of  innuendo as we want Justice and to move forward as much as any “grieving” family can who losses a loved one. 

Freedom First International has laid out the following bullet points:

  1. The Father of Semaj Crosby is fighting for Justice for his daughter! James Crosby now has support of family, and community who also want to see justice to move on with their lives. 
  2. No one should be speaking officially for the family except those authorized by the family-in an effort to stay clear of confusion with a very complex and very difficult situation.  
  3. Many People in the community who want to help can do so by simply supporting by joining groups who are progressive. 
  4. God Mother (Parents) is not an authorized representative of the Crosby Family or Estate of Semaj Crosby. We would ask out of respect for Baby Semaj Crosby-that no Media, Social Justice Organizations, and Community members give a forum to God Mother or any unauthorized representative of the Estate of Semaj Crosby. (This request is also being made for obvious legal reasons)

Can anyone fully explain why they would think that they are at an unfair disadvantage when in reality it’s not about them-the public must know the truth. Imagine watching a countess flurry of homemade “You Tude” video’s where a young seemingly “misguided” woman with an “alleged” but rather dubious and checkered history-claims to be representing the family, and also the Estate of Semaj Crosby. Many in the community believe-This verbal contest has constructed for “personal gain.” Unfortunately, We are forced day by day to engage with the idea that there are none (but you) actually advocating for Semaj-when the truth is the family loved this baby in “life” that love continues in the “afterlife.” The community has been truly mislead and some are now smearing the family. If that were not enough- it is also widely believed that this person has compromised much of the investigation of the death of Baby Semaj-a fact which local authorities fully agree.

It is incredibly painful to have to advocate for this child and address those who wish to continue on a downward path of confusion. None of the Confusion is needed or warranted.

Going forward our Prayer is that in the short turn Semaj Crosby will have her “Justice.” We hope that the light and love that she gave will help brighten dark paths for other children and those who are in need. This must and will be legacy of Semaj Crosby!

Best, Regards-Caring Community, Family and Advocacy for Semaj Crosby! 


SCCJ Please address all questions comments or concerns to the media team at Freedom First INternational at or