Open Letter: Legal Notice-Cease and Desist to Jedidiah Brown and Alicia Nicole

Re: Statement Made by Jedidiah Brown and Alicia Nicole with regards to potential slander libel suit. 

Dear Mr.Jedidiah Brown and Ms.Alicia Nicole:

This correspondence is in connection with the above-referenced matter. The individual known as, Jedidiah Brown and Alicia Nicole and hereby warned and notified to CEASE AND DESIST with regards to personal statements made that may be slanderous by law. We expect total compliance with our request based on these ongoing matters.

Legal Definition:  malign, traduce, asperse, vilify, calumniate, defame, slander mean to injure by speaking ill of. malign suggests specific and often subtle misrepresentation but may not always imply deliberate lying. traduce stresses the resulting ignominy and distress to the victim. 

If we and our (legal counsel) are forced to commence a civil lawsuit against you herein as a result up to and including public sanction-that will include rewarding all legal fees. While I certainly hope this is not necessary, but we are prepared to pursue whatever legal avenues are necessary.

Lastly, use this letter as a final and formal notice that all rights, claims and associations to Bishop Gregg L. Greer, Freedom First International, and it’s executive team are completely and officially revoked, and you are put on this notice-This will be the first and Final notice. (Please refer any of these legal matter to the Freedom First Legal Team at


Bishop Gregg L.Greer-President of Freedom First International


Alicia Nicole

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