For immediate Release:  Alton Sterling’s Life mattered-Many American’s are voicing disapproval of The American Police State- Urge for immediate change of U.S. Police Policy. (Media Briefing)

For immediate Release Alton Sterling’s Life mattered-Many American’s are voicing disapproval of The American Police State- Urge for immediate change of Police policy. (Media Briefing)


In the case of Alton Sterling our hearts go out to the family:

We are now at a time- In The United States when many people feel that we (community) can’t depend on the United States Government, The Department of Justice and more specifically-in communities around the country people have grown overly weary of community policing. 

To an unaware public  “Killer Cops” in many of these, “well known” national cases stay on the streets without certain and swift prosecution. To an unhappy America public-to top it all-the level of distrust looms for a government that overwhelmingly appears to have grown “openly”  self serving, and will not represent the interest of the public.
Our Message to “The Political World,” “The Justice System” and the “U.S. Courts,”- is now simply that at some point you have to make around to smooth out rough edges.
You must bring urgently needed reform to an American Justice system that for many who live in the minority, poor and oppressed communities is totally broken.    
Please Note: We all feel-The people are not being served, period when,-The Jeff Sessions-Department of Justice sends a message-that as long as you wear a 
badge “you are above the law, ” We won’t investigate cops.  
The people are not being served-when- The current U.S. President tells a graduating crowd of police officers, not to be “too nice” to suspected gang members and others under arrest. 

“When you see thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon, you just see them thrown in; rough. I said, ‘please don’t be too nice,”  according to Trump.

“The whole thing is not just about Alton … it’s about justice in all of our American community nationally and internally.” 
We call it final justice because we the people are tired now. After Tamir Rice, after John Crawford, after Eric Garner, we are tired now, and the only alternative must be for change-no other remedy will do!


Please Note: So we stand with a determination that sends one message-If you don’t give the people justice, then they will take it upon themselves and give themselves their own justice-if that begins to happen it would be more tragic for America, and with that no one wins. 


Bishop Gregg L. Greer-President of Freedom First International (Alton Sterling Advocate) 



Media Advisory

Chicago Based-Freedom First International and it’s President have lead and organized some of the most renown civil rights cases in America-Including Tamir Rice and the organization has worked and advocate with the Sterling Family and Justice for Alton Sterling (See References Below). For more information: goto

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