Media Statement: Open Letter to The Will County Sheriff asking for recusal in the Homicide investigation of Semaj Crosby

For immediate Release Media Statement: Open Letter to The Will County Sheriff asking for recusal in the Homicide investigation of Semaj Crosby(Media Briefing)


Dear State Officials,

“We are deeply concerned that after one year to date of the murder-that the death of this child has not yet been resolved. Our concerns are furthered by the fact that those who are responsible have not been prosecuted-adding to the concern is the fact that there is already an apparent wealth of known public information about Semaj Crosby’s death.

“Over the course of the past year-The Will County Sheriff’s Department has had extremely broad discretion over the scope and conduct of this investigation as well as final say over whether to bring federal charges against individuals who may be responsible. 

However limited, The Will County Sheriff Department has worked inside the local community to collect various information on those who are being investigated…We believe-the revelations of the past year regarding this investigation has been a considerable disappointment, as well as a major blow to public confidence and more specifically, the local Will County law enforcement institutions and to the integrity of public security. 

We must now urge-That the allegations must be met with a thorough, complete and impartial examination. Given the fact that the Will County Sheriff Department has missed critical opportunities to push forward with this investigation, we urge that Will County Sheriff’s Department now recuse itself going forward, and hand this investigation over to more qualified investigative hands being the State of Illinois.” Even, the Will County Sheriff’s support of more qualified State investigators would be a welcomed and necessary change.

Lastly, “A thorough ethics investigation is needed into malfeasance, conflict of interest, or any potential violations resulting from The Will County Sheriffs Investigation into the Homicide of Semaj Crosby and any person or groups that had effects of influence and have hampered this investigation.”

For the record my office will proceed with official complaint procedure at the Attorney Generals Office-I would hope to schedule a conference or meeting in the following days, to discuss options.  

Sincerely, Bishop Gregg L.Greer

President of Freedom First International 



Lisa Madigan 

Patricia A. McConnell 

James W.Glasgow

Sheriff Mike Kelly



Media Advisory

Chicago Based-Freedom First International and it’s President have lead and organized some of the most renown civil rights cases in America-including Semaj Crosby Tamir Rice and others (See References Below). For more information: goto


(For National Distribution-Sent April 25, 2018) 11:00am Central

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Media Director Frederick Washington, (224) 678-0347 ext 7 Media or at One World Transatlantic Global Media, email or for more information.


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