Open Letter to Sheriff Bob Gualtieri over the Florida Murder of Markeis McGlockton (Media Advisory)



Good Morning Sheriff,

After careful review of the unfortunate incident from Clearwater- I President Greg L. Greer and my team find it very hard to understand your lack of sensitivity to the issue surrounding the unfortunate death of this 28 year old young Clear water man when Michael Drejka shot Markeis McGlockton outside Circle A Food Store in Clearwater Florida.

In your press conference on July 21, 2018- You actually flouted traditional criminal justice notions to instead encourage vigilantism in this community, giving further credence to the long-held principle that individuals must first attempt escape from a violent situation by using deadly force.

This has been a bedrock of “Surreal Idealism,” with Anglo-American law for two centuries. Used perfectly against oppressed people of color but in many cases not the other way around. 

We would hope that longstanding public officials such as yourself  would go further to prevent and embolden individuals from escalation of confrontation, and that would hopefully prevent future deadly confrontations more specifically whereas refereeing these issues to local authorities to prevent and decrease the likelihood of deadly exchanges. An Argument over parking space leads to fatal shooting in Clearwater is tragic on every level.
Promoting vigilantism is a very severe and negative consequence of the “Stand Your Ground,” laws-as you very well know. But as we warn, behavioral changes may not be limited to those who want the right to “Stand Your Ground.” Particularly given the facts of this case, I must warn you and all public officials that young black boys motivated by fear of adults like George Zimmerman (types) may feel compelled to “Stand Their Ground,” too, in a cycle of shoot first, or be shot. 

“Does this law create a situation where people shoot first and ask questions later?” Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said in a July 28 Press Conference. “You can have that discussion. You can have that debate. I don’t make the law. I enforce the law.” “I’m not saying I agree with it,” you went on to say, “but I don’t get to make that call.”

But in all actuality sir, people such a yourself who are in high level public positions, should and could seize this very moment to create and foster a dialog that gives hope and deters others from in similarly suited situations from taking the law into their own hands. Yes, in truth you don’t make the law but we would expect you to be the best “Representative,” of that law.

In the Days ahead we (Freedom First International) along with several partner multinational organizations will urge the officials on the ground to file charges against “Vigilante” Michael Drejka in this case

In addition-my office will move forward in the days ahead to publicity sensor you, staring with this open letter to be released to multi media around the country. 



Bishop Gregg L.Greer, President of Freedom First International 


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For Immediate Release:  Chicago Community Activist will Protest local store where worker killed a Chicago Man over a bottle of beer-This Sunday!

For Immediate Release:  Chicago Community Activist will Protest local store where worker killed a Chicago Man over a bottle of beer-This Sunday!



Sunday July 8,2018 at 4:00 pm

                                     Wines and Spirits 308 E 75th St Chicago, IL 60619

Chicago Community Activist will protest against a local store due to an unfortunate incident where the store security beat a man to death for allegedly trying to steal a bottle of bear. This incident now reported is just one incident in a flurry of incidents where people in Chicago’s black community believe businesses are taking advantage of those in Chicago-who live in poor and oppressed communities, by giving lack of service, mistreatment and everything in between leaving tensions on high.

(Recap according to information given to the Chicago Sun-times) 

A security guard accused of beating a man to death last month over a stolen bottle of liquor at a Park Manor neighborhood store was denied bail Tuesday.
Christopher Emmons, 57, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of 33-year-old Herbert Lemon, according to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.
Lemon was severely beaten by Emmons June 12 inside the liquor store at 308 E. 75th St. and died two days later, Assistant State’s Attorney Maurice Alayo said Tuesday at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse.

The beating happened about 1:20 p.m, according to Chicago Police.  Surveillance video recorded the day before that showed Lemon stealing the bottle and followed him into the store, Alayo said. Once inside, surveillance video recorded Emmons lock the door and put on a pair of gloves. When Lemon walked up to the counter with a bottle of beer, Emmons punched him twice in the face without warning, Alayo said.


Emmons pulled Lemon deeper into the store and continued to beat Lemon even after he fell to the ground. He then lifted him to his feet and a second person punched Lemon in the face at least twice, Alayo said.
Chicago Police officers arrived, but Lemon declined to press charges on Emmons, Alayo said. Lemon was later found unresponsive in his house by his girlfriend. He was taken to a hospital and underwent brain surgery, but showed no brain activity after the operation.

He was taken off life support and died June 14.The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled his death a homicide from multiple head injuries suffered in an assault.

The activist want people in the community to know that they are clearly entitled to fair and quality service and we as Chicago activist leadership will no longer tolerate any complaints of racism and fears of gentrification that are rising in Chicago. Meanwhile, Arab Americans have gained a foothold in the city by expanding their small business ownership after chain stores left, but they continue to struggle with their own identity, and will be unable to secure on their place in the race construct and power structure-if they don’t handle local patrons respectfully. 

In any case the activist feel that no one deserves to lose their life over a cheap bottle of beer and we all believe the store should be held accountable. 

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WHAT:   Chicago Community Activist will Protest Local store where worker killed a Chicago Man over a bottle of beer! 

WHERE:   Sunday July 8, 2018 at 4:00pm CST.    Wines and Spirits 308 E 75th St Chicago, IL 60619

WHO: Freedom First International, Violence interrupters and multiple community activist.

WHY:  Problems and Issues Local merchant who many in the community who worker killed a local 

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