Freedom First International Statement on the Indictment of Ed Burke



“Today’s indictment of long-term Chicago Alderman Ed Burke is an important step in addressing the culture that has allowed Chicago Politicians to consistently behave in an unconstitutional manner. Time to time again our organization showed and proved at Alderman Burkes Office as a community watchdog group always feeling that this official was working outside of the public interest a factor believed by many African Americans in Chicagoland due to his serious obstruction of long-term Chicago Mayor Harold Washington’s agenda. 

While this public official has been indicted for one count, Burke in 2017 tried to extort the owners of a company that operates dozens of fast-food restaurants in the Chicago area and needed help with permits for remodeling a restaurant in Burke’s 14th Ward on the Southwest Side. 

For many locals in Chicago when it comes to our community there must be absolute, swift, fast and certain accountability for the individual officials who engage in the same behavior, and the message must be clear that rampant lawlessness will not go unchecked.”

— Bishop Gregg L. Greer, President of FREEDOM FIRST INTERNATIONAL



Media Advisory

Chicago Based-Freedom First International has lead and organized some of the most renown civil rights cases in America-including Semaj Crosby, Tamir Rice and others

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