For Immediate Release: Freedom First International-Chicago Community Activist will Protest Gucci this morning

For Immediate Release: Freedom First International-Chicago Community Activist will Protest Gucci this morning
Gucci Store 900 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611  at 11:30A

Chicago Community Activist Leaders will protest against Gucci -because we believe it’s obvious” that “they (Gucci) doesn’t have a clue” when it comes to “racist, blackface hateful imagery.”

Last week, Gucci stopped selling its $890 balaclava black-knit women’s sweater that could be pulled up over the lower half of the wearer’s face. The sweater included bright red lips as a cut-out for the mouth.

The sweater was being sold in Gucci stores and online before social media users denounced it as resembling blackface. 

The criticism comes as old photos of prominent Virginia politicians in blackface have embroiled the country in debate.

Taken from the Freedom First International Page:

Freedom First Internal, Violence Interrupters, Tikkon Chai International (The Humanitarian Project)  along with partner organizations is now calling for a community ban and a boycott of the designer brand over its wool balaclava jumper, which features an over-sized neck with a red cutout for the mouth. 

 While Gucci has made an apology we believe that apology is not enough for  taken to social media in protest of the Italian fashion house.


Reference #1 (Media Article)


Email Freedom First International at


 WHAT:   Chicago Community Activist will Protest Donald Trumps State of the Union! 

WHERE:   Tuesday February  12, 2019 starting at 11:30am CST.

 Gucci Store 900 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611 (StoreFront)

WHO: Freedom First International, Violence Interrupters, Humanitarian Project and Tio Hardiman, Bishop Gregg L.Greer, Rabbi Micheal Ben Yosef multiple community activist.

WHY:  National Retailer with Local connection promoting  “racist, blackface hateful imagery.

PHOTO/STORY OPP:  Community and Civic Organizations, -Public Interest Story about activist looking to effect change on a local and national level. 

AREA of INTEREST: Community Activist  Reform against_national administration 

National (local) News and other media surrounding the incident:

Are media advisers willing to give one on one interviews:  Yes

Contact (s):     


Lead Activist-Media Advisers

You may contact  Media Director Frederick Washington, for Media, email for more information or at  (224) 678-0347

Media Advisory


Chicago Based-Freedom First International has lead and organized some of the most renown civil rights cases in America-including Semaj Crosby, Tamir Rice and others

(See References Below). For more information: goto

Email comments or concerns to

(For National Distribution-Sent Monday February 12, 2019) 6:30a.m. Central


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