Outbrief: Demand Justice for the 51 Rally Was Successful. Thank You the All the Groups and Media Organizations Who Attended

For Immediate Release:
Freedom First and Partners- Thank to all the Activist from all Chicago over 10 groups who participated and lead in the action outside of FBI Chicago Urging & Demanding Justice & Investigation to Determine If There’s a Serial Killer Targeting Black Women.
Groups involved thus far Freedom First International, Violence Interrupters, Chicago Social Justice Network, Demand Justice, Tikkun Chai International (Humanitarian Project), Eric Russell, Chicago Social Justice Network, Tio Hardiman, Bishop Gregg L.Greer, Rabbi Micheal Ben Yosef, Dr.Matt Harrington, Missing Girls,Activist Shlinda Greer Greer and a growing list of multiple community activist.
With the Primary Organizers being Freedom First International, Demand Justice, Tikkun Chai International, Violence Interrupters.
Our actions are ensuring The Chicago Police Department revisit the unsolved killings of more than 50 women across the city since 2001, facing pressure from us as community activists who say the string of slayings suggest a serial murderer is on the loose.
The CPD investigation also follows a report by the Virginia-based Murder Accountability Project, a nonprofit group that analyzes information about homicides, which argued that the 51 killings — in which most of the victims died by asphyxiation — bore the “characteristics of a serial murderer.” For Our Purposes we have
The Battle Continues!
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Press Articles and Media

Chicago Activist Will Demand Justice For Theresa Bunn and Over 51 Women Murdered Due to a Serial Killer









Progressive actions

“Say Their Names” on Saturday 5/11 a March with a National Request of Prayers at 5:11pm (CST) Remembering the Victims of Serial Killer and Gun Violence, Let them Not Be Forgotten, #SayTheirNames

Lead Activist-Media Advisers

You may contact  Media Director Washington Bailey, forMedia, email or freedomfirstcommo@gmail.com for more information or at  (224) 678-0347


Media Advisory

Chicago Based-Freedom First International has lead and organized some of the most renown civil rights cases in America-including Semaj Crosby, Tamir Rice and others

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