Freedom First International and other Community Activist groups Challenge Chicago Police top brass about murdered and Missing Women 

Freedom First International and other Community Activist groups Challenge Chicago Police top brass about murdered and Missing Women 
Bishop Gregg L.Greer and Chicago Community Activist Leadership will address the police board meeting (at Chicago Police Board Headquarters) as well as conduct a press conference before the meeting urging Chicago Police Leadership and New Chicago Mayor to address explosive reports that Chicago may have a serial killer on the loose.
The Group is challenging reports that Chicago Police is working with FBI to resolve these cases, and that these cases are being swept under the rug.   

Freedom First International and groups have grown deeply concerned about a growing list of more than 50 deaths in recent months.  Freedom First International agrees with the findings of the Murder Accountability Project, which shows via computer formula highlights a pattern of killings — 50 females strangled and dumped since 2001 that could suggest signal a serial killer.

Many community members are concerned that the Police are not taking the investigations of black women seriously. 

“This isn’t something we’re going to sweet under the rug or put up on the shelf for it to disappear,” said CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson. “We still investigate these cases.”  

Johnson says he’s deeply concerned about these 50 deaths. But the head of the Murder Accountability Project, Thomas Hargrove, says research might show otherwise.

“It’s highly unlikely these 50 women were murdered by 50 separate men,” Hargrove said.

Plan of Action

  • Tonight Freedom First International is asking The Police board including Chicago Police New Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to stand with victims’ families and community members demanding answers and announce a task force to address the potential of Serial Killer in Chicago’s urban areas.
  • Bishop Gregg L.Greer and other community activist will ask the Chicago Police Chief to Clarify the public information that they have informed based on the 50 plus murdered women.

Taken from the Freedom First International Page:

Freedom First Internal, along with partner organizations are asking for a task force and Public Safety Announcements to begin in reference to pattern of killings. The graphic below is an example:



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WHAT:   Freedom First International and other Community Activist groups Challenge Chicago Police top brass about Murdered and Missing Women

WHERE:   Thursday June 20, 2019 starting at  6:15pm CST. CPD Headquarters at 35th and Michigan 

(3510 S.Michigan Ave Chicago, IL)

WHO: Freedom First International and multiple community activist.

WHY:  Flurry of Murders in Urban Communities show serial killer potential Chicago Police 

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