Freedom First International and other Community Activist To hold Press Briefing to address Community Violence Trend asking for Reform

CPD MUST Change!


WHERE:   Monday July 8, 2019 starting at  2:00pm CST. CPD Headquarters at 35th and Michigan  (3510 S.Michigan Ave Chicago, IL)

Chicago, IL– Freedom First International and Chicago Community Activist Leadership will address the Chicago violence trends of this Fourth of July holiday weekend where least six people were killed and 62 injured in shootings across the city from the start of this extended holiday weekend.
The latest crime statistics come on the heels of a weekend that, police said shootings are on the decline overall through the end of June.  But in contrast-The activist believe that these deaths are a predictable outcome of our city’s lack of political will to make a change and a long term underinvestment in prevention approaches that work in the city’s urban areas.

Public Health and Stronger Laws


The group believes- Through a public health and stronger laws approach and that focuses on drawing from evidence and addressing the factors that increase or decrease the risk of gun and community violence, particularly in Urban communities that are disproportionately impacted, but together we can save lives. The current issue and argument, misses two things: gun violence impacts every American community, and solutions will only come with a change in federal laws.  

Each time community violence occurs, the discourse tends to focus on addressing the issue with a limited number of people.  We strongly support broader engagement of community members, including young people and other survivors of gun violence, policymakers, and others, in insisting that our streets be safe.


We must also insist on that same level of safety for urban places of worship, shopping malls, movie theaters, concert venues, nightclubs, workplaces, neighborhoods, and homes. Those places include the South Side, West Sides of our city.

We are listening to young people from all races, classes, and sexualities, across the city and throughout the country, who are unifying to speak truth to power. We believe CPD and Eddie Johnson must do the same.

We have renewed hope that, together, we can prevent gun violence— not just in the areas where we see mass shootings but also in the case of domestic violence, suicide, community violence, and violence involving law enforcement. The public health approach must evolve, City Officials, community forums, more attention to addressing multiple forms of gun violence.

While Mayor Lightfoot campaigned on reducing crime and made it a top priority in her inaugural address, declaring there is “no higher calling than restoring safety and peace in our neighborhoods.” 


Earlier this week, Lightfoot was asked if she’s satisfied by the fact that crime is down year over year and said no “because there’s still so much more that we need to do.”

“We are ahead in violent crimes. We’re down in homicides, we’re down in shootings, and that’s because people are working really, really hard,” Lightfoot said. “Our Police Department absolutely is doing a yeoman’s job. There’s more work to be done.”

Lack of Resources

Freedom First International and advocacy leadership have grown deeply concerned about the Current 14% Homicide Clearance Rate which we believe is a complete failure of Chicago City Policing to protect the community.  

“This isn’t something we’re going to allow to be swept under the rug or put up on the shelf for it to disappear,” said Bishop Gregg L.Greer. In years past especially during long hot summer days we have waited for a mystery process to start but CPD and City officials must be clear about where they are lacking resources and attack that area with determination, because if they don’t we are on a trend that will only increase.”


SARS 7-8-2019

Plan of Action

  • Today Freedom First International and Community Advocacy Leadership is asking for CPD to develop a more comprehensive dialog with residents in Chicago’s urban areas.
  • Bishop Gregg L.Greer and other community activist will address resources & underinvestment in Chicago Urban Areas.

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WHAT:   Freedom First International and other Community Activist To hold Press Briefing to address Community Violence Trend asking for Reform.

WHERE:   Monday July 8, 2019 starting at  2:00pm CST. CPD Headquarters at 35th and Michigan  (3510 S.Michigan Ave Chicago, IL)

WHO: Freedom First International, Violence Interrupters, Lines For Lives, and Multiple community activist.

WHY:  Flurry of Violence in Chicago’s Urban Communities show long term issues with CPD approach.  

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AREA of INTEREST: Community Activist Urge Public Safety Issue in Chicagoland’s Urban Areas

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