For Immediate Release: Freedom First International, Violence Interrupters and Chicago Activist to draw attention to the backlog of testing at the Illinois Crime Lab that prevents Crimes from begin solved!

For Immediate Release: Freedom First International, Violence Interrupters and Chicago Activist to draw attention to the backlog of testing at the Illinois Crime Lab that prevents Crimes from begin solved!


Chicago, IL, on Friday afternoon Chicago Community activist leadership will meet to highlight community concerns over the critical backlog of tests on evidence at Illinois State Police labs which has climbed into the thousands of cases and also interfered with the investigation and closure criminal cases while reports show the agency sat on money that could have accelerated results-again, according to established reports. The activist are calling the rally “We won’t stop until the body count stops.”

Fact do show that the state has seen a growing backlog of untested samples and has struggled to improve testing turnaround time.

In previous news reports- Auditor General William Holland concluded that state police provided misleading or incorrect numbers to the governor and Legislature, misstating the size of the backlog.
Holland surveyed state’s attorneys and police statewide about the backlog, and 46 percent said delays in getting test results from the state police had meant criminal charges weren’t filed, cases were delayed or charges dropped, or suspects were acquitted.

“We are falling further and further behind in forensics,” said St. Clair State’s Attorney Bob Haida. “In theory, we can have innocent people charged and guilty people go free.”

“We began making adjustments as issues arose during the course of the audit and they have already begun to improve our system,” Monken said during a news conference at state police headquarters.

The number of cases that had not been analyzed within 30 days grew from 3,426 in 2002 to 10,387 in 2007, or 203 percent, the report said. The amount of evidence submitted for analysis grew 10 percent during the period while forensic staffing fell 3 percent.

Of $387 million provided the department for forensic services during those six years, $19.3 million went unspent, according to Holland’s audit, including $7.7 million for potential employees’ salaries and benefits.

Governor Pritzkers involvement

Governor J.B. Pritzker signed an executive order late August creating a “task force on forensic science” to study a fix for Illinois’ sample backlog that has doubled in the last two years, but those actions are slow.

“This is going to be very, very important,” Illinois State Police Acting Director Brendan Kelly said at the order’s signing. “The governor rightly wants us to be the premier laboratory system in this country.”

State labs have more than 8,000 unfinished DNA tests, according to June numbers from ISP. More than 2,700 of those cases involve sexual assault or abuse.

Quotes from Bishop Gregg L. Greer and Tio Hardiman-Primary Organizers.


According to Bishop Gregg L.Greer-An externally dangerous standard is begin set when officials can’t address the needs of the public-For example-currently the Chicago Police Murder (Homicide)  9.4 % Clearance rate stands against the top ten worst cities in the nation. While part of the problems are logistical in nature (lack of Staffing) there is a very critical public safety issue as well, meaning crimes are not being solved” this issue grossly affects urban communities more often then not. For example we believe there is a possible serial killer taking the lives of women of color, these murders are not being investigated, and that is very tragic!

Everyday, that we have evidence that goes without proper testing, then those who commit these crimes are given the green-light to continue their criminal activity according to Tio Hardiman, President of Violence Interrupters.”


Stand with us on August 30, 2019 at 3:30pm for media briefing 

The group plans to move forward with petitioning Governor Pritzkers, as well as sate and city officials including Sheriff Tom Dart and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot during the press conference.

We will have various speakers from all around Chicago. Special Guest Speaker Bishop Gregg L.Greer, Tio Hardiman, Rabbi Michael Ben Yosef, and Dr.Matt Harrington and Stacy Love Chicago Girls Missing many more.
Media You don’t want to miss this urgent public briefing.



WHAT:For Immediate Release: Freedom First International, Violence Interrupter and Chicago Activist to draw attention to the backlog of testing at the Illinois Crime Lab that prevents Crimes from being solved!

WHERE: Forensic Science Center at Chicago 1941 W. Roosevelt Rd. Chicago, Illinois 60608 (FRONT DOOR OF LOCATION) 

WHO: Freedom First International, Violence Interrupters,  Chicago Social Justice Network, Tikkun Chai International, Dr.Matt Harrington,  Bishop Gregg L.Greer, Tio Hardiman, Rabbi Michael Ben Yosef, and a growing list of multiple community activist. 


PHOTO/STORY OPP:  Community and Civic Organizations, -Public Interest Story about community activist addressing a serious public safety concerns.  

AREA of INTEREST: Community Activist  Reform against_and continued fight for or justice in urban communities.

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