Media Brief:


Media Statement: The Shooting and Murder of Keith Lamont Scott

    (For Immediate Release-Statement from the Freedom First International President)

“The Shooting and Murder of Keith Lamont Scott by A North Carolina Police Office is another unfortunate incident that adds to a sad and tragic collection of unfortunate incidents-when traffic stops and normal encounters with citizens turn deadly.  Outside of the unnecessary loss of life. There is a larger issue that officials and everyone on the ground must consider that is: -If we as American Citizens continue to feel alienated and see that day in and day out- our human life is being taken without even a small ‘trinket,’ of justice-Then we literally give a “green light,” to those who wish to bring gasoline to fan racial flames and say that the “shooting of a black man in America-means nothing to the law, because when you kill them, and say,’ I feared them’ you will not face charges. We now appeal for Law and Order and Common Sense, we then say’That is a dangerous pattern, Mr.Prosecutor! That is dangerous pattern, America.”


Gregg L.Greer

President of Freedom First International, SCLC


(For National Distribution-Sent December 1, 2016)

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