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If you have five minutes, we need you to speak up, show up, chip in, and stand up for human rights today.

So roll up your sleeves and let’s get started as you join our “movement.”  Together, we are a powerful force demanding that we speak up for those who are oppressed worldwide.


Annual fees for the  and Business memberships will be $49.00 . An Executive membership fee will cost $140.00 annually to sit on our board.




Annual membership fee

Type of membership Cost (2017) excludes a $10.00 (one time membership fee)
Full member annual membership US$ 49.00 ($29.00 per Student)
Executive member annual membership US $140.00

The membership fee is subject to change each year.

The membership fee is not refundable upon membership termination.

Initial one-time application fee

An applying FIRST participant must pay an initial one-time application fee of US$ 10.00 plus the regular member fee before its membership is considered confirmed. This fee only applies to full, Excutive memberships, not to liaison memberships.

Freedom ID Greer

  (Sample of Membership Card)

New Student members

A new student member is invoiced when the member is joining FIRST, for:

A fee of $29.00 plus the initial one-time $10.00 application fee, if applicable for the full year. If you join and after June and September at half the pro-rated amount of the annual fee.  (A team or liaison which membership is confirmed in month  only pays the part of the annual fee for the remainder of the membership year, month N included)

Invoicing procedure

Invoices are sent as PDF per e-mail to the member’s FIRST representative. If the member so requires a postal mail version will be sent following that e-mail.

Payments can be done by :

  • Credit card
  • Check
  • Electronic bank transfer

All details on payment are specified on the invoices that are sent out, or available on request at Freedom First International Email.

US Tax information

Federal Employer Identification Number:
Our FEIN is 82-2883718. 

Contact information

For more information and you may use this contact link”  Freedom