Freedom First International Media Statement to advocacy, media, community. RE: Semaj Crosby



Today,  we have entered into a new stage of our Advocacy with the fight “Justice for Baby Semaj Crosby.” The Semaj Crosby Coalition for Justice (on facebook) has now been formed-soon, we expect to began having actions and public education events on the ground.

The message from the concerned Family of baby Semaj:

For the Crosby’s- It is physically and emotionally draining to be called upon to prove that systems exist-that are working against us. For many, family, advocacy, and community- just struggling to keep this child’s name clear as we fight for “justice” is a task within it’s self. So we now say enough is enough. Now we must ask everyone to break clear of  innuendo as we want Justice and to move forward as much as any “grieving” family can who losses a loved one. 

Freedom First International has laid out the following bullet points:

  1. The Father of Semaj Crosby is fighting for Justice for his daughter! James Crosby now has support of family, and community who also want to see justice to move on with their lives. 
  2. No one should be speaking officially for the family except those authorized by the family-in an effort to stay clear of confusion with a very complex and very difficult situation.  
  3. Many People in the community who want to help can do so by simply supporting by joining groups who are progressive. 
  4. God Mother (Parents) is not an authorized representative of the Crosby Family or Estate of Semaj Crosby. We would ask out of respect for Baby Semaj Crosby-that no Media, Social Justice Organizations, and Community members give a forum to God Mother or any unauthorized representative of the Estate of Semaj Crosby. (This request is also being made for obvious legal reasons)

Can anyone fully explain why they would think that they are at an unfair disadvantage when in reality it’s not about them-the public must know the truth. Imagine watching a countess flurry of homemade “You Tude” video’s where a young seemingly “misguided” woman with an “alleged” but rather dubious and checkered history-claims to be representing the family, and also the Estate of Semaj Crosby. Many in the community believe-This verbal contest has constructed for “personal gain.” Unfortunately, We are forced day by day to engage with the idea that there are none (but you) actually advocating for Semaj-when the truth is the family loved this baby in “life” that love continues in the “afterlife.” The community has been truly mislead and some are now smearing the family. If that were not enough- it is also widely believed that this person has compromised much of the investigation of the death of Baby Semaj-a fact which local authorities fully agree.

It is incredibly painful to have to advocate for this child and address those who wish to continue on a downward path of confusion. None of the Confusion is needed or warranted.

Going forward our Prayer is that in the short turn Semaj Crosby will have her “Justice.” We hope that the light and love that she gave will help brighten dark paths for other children and those who are in need. This must and will be legacy of Semaj Crosby!

Best, Regards-Caring Community, Family and Advocacy for Semaj Crosby! 


SCCJ Please address all questions comments or concerns to the media team at Freedom First INternational at or





Open Letter: Legal Notice-Cease and Desist to advocacy group known as the “FREEDOM FIGHTERS” and Jedidiah Brown

Re: Usage of Image and Likeness of Image of Semaj Crosby by Group known as the Freedom Fighters 

Dear Mr.Brown and Freedom Fighters:

This correspondence is in connection with the above-referenced matter. The group known as Freedom Fighters, is hereby warned and notified to CEASE AND DESIST using the likeness and image of  Semaj Crosby, as requested by the Estate of Semaj Crosby. All claims images and likeness must be released within 24 hours of this notice-We expect total compliance with our request based on these ongoing matters.

If we (legal counsel) are forced to commence a civil lawsuit against Freedom Fighters herein as a result up to and including public sanction-that will include rewarding all legal fees. While I certainly hope this is not necessary, we are prepared to pursue whatever legal avenues are necessary.

Lastly, use this letter as a final and formal notice that all rights, claims and associations to Semaj Crosby and her Estate by you are completely illegal have been officially revoked, and you are put on this notice-This means that you may not use them in any way or means. (Please refer any of these legal matter to the Freedom First Legal Team at


Bishop Gregg L.Greer-President of Freedom First International


Sheena M. James

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For immediate Release: Community Activist Leadership will rally at Police District 11 to demand Immediate termination of Racist Cop

For immediate Release: Community Activist Leadership will rally at Police District 11 to demand Immediate termination of For immediate Release: Community Activist Leadership will rally at Police District 11 to demand Immediate termination of Racist Copracist Cop

george alex Granias

Today September 22, 2017 at 11:00 am

 Chicago, IL On September 22, 2017 at 11:00 a.m-Freedom First International (FFI) is organizing a Protest Rally and Media Briefing, with Violence Interrupters various activist community groups. On group is demanding the instant removal of District 11 Chicago Police Sgt. George Granias who allegedly beat Patassa Johnson while she was in handcuffs, at the 11th District Station. 

Reports later showed that Granias owned several web domains with highly offensive racist tiles such as “NiggerDown.Com.” CBS 2 reported the altercation occurred in the 11th District police station in 2014. Johnson, a medical assistant, was driving home on a Chicago expressway when she was pulled over by a state trooper for allegedly driving drunk.

The activist are intent on bringing attention the fact that with Chicago PD many officers have avoid punishment or even suspensions because the grievance process is slow and complicated, and also because the number of grievances has surged. Add to those issues that the office fails to efficiently track cases — and it can wait for years for the police union to file grievance-related paperwork.  

Bishop Gregg L. Greer of Freedom First International stated, “In Chicago the police accountability system is widely seen as dysfunctional, ” This must change that is why we are now calling attention to this case-because Sgt. Granias has completely violated public trust-and has yet to be terminated, this fact also adds insult to injury.” 

The group believes racist attitudes of police officers become emblematic rather than exceptional.

Notable Facts more: 

* The Freedom First International has written an open letter (below) dated 9/21/17 to Wilber Wright College asking for Granias removal as Professor.

* The Group wrote The Police Commander at Chicago Police District 11, The Mayor’s Office in the same open letter.


                                                                          (View that Letter Here)

Read more:

Wiber Wright College Rating


WHAT:  Freedom First International, Violence Interrupters, Campaign to End Torture, and community organizers are challenging police officials due to fact that a known and documented Racist police officer has yet to be terminated.

WHO: Freedom First International, Bishop Gregg L.Greer, Chicago Campaign to End Torture,and more.

PHOTO/STORY OPP:  Civil Rights Organizers and Community leaders who want continued and progressive Police Reform 

Where: Chicago Police Station District 11 at (10:30am)  3151 West Harrison St  Chicago, IL 60612 (Front)


Are media advisers willing to give one on one interviews: Yes

Contact (s):     

Lead Activist-Media Adviser

Frederick Washington, at One World Transatlantic Global Media, email for more information. You may contact Bishop Gregg L.Greer at  (224) 678-0347 ext. 1 or  (404) 992-8954 he will be on the ground. 


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Media Statement:Open letter to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago Police Board of Supervisors and the Police Commission asking for the immediate and complete resignation of Chicago Police Sgt.George Alex Granias#1731 :

    (For Immediate Release-Statement from the Freedom First International President)
Open letter to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago Police Board of Supervisors and the Police Commission asking for the immediate and complete resignation of Sgt George Granias #1731 :

Good Morning, I’m writing you in an open letter because of recent events over the course of the past six months that have been brought to my attention by citizens of our community. Sgt. George Alex Granias start#1731 when taking the oath of office to serve and protect committed himself to public service on behalf of the residents of Chicago and we commend him for that dedication. Unfortunately- a flurry of incidents have caused for many folks in the greater Chicagoland Community to ask for his immediate and complete resignation from his duties at Chicago Police Department and District 11. Here are detailed items that we charge:

Racist Websites Granias had Registered
Before he was accused of beating a handcuffed African-American woman, a Chicago Police sergeant registered a racist URL:
George Granias, a sergeant is at the heart of a recently settled police brutality lawsuit, purchased at least two websites with racial slurs in their titles, his alleged victim’s lawyer says. The domain names include URLs like “,” the legal team first told CBS Chicago. An investigation by The Daily Beast revealed a series of other domains registered to Granias’ name and address, including “,” “,” and in a jab to Illinois’ former governor, “”. In December 2013, Granias registered, internet records show.


Racist “Use Force Incident” by Granias
Three months later, in Winter of 2014 police arrested Patasa Johnson, a Chicago woman, at a traffic stop. Johnson’s arresting officer accused her of driving drunk, a charge she denied, and which was later dropped. The officer cuffed her in the back of a squad car and drove her to a police station, where “Granias grabbed [Johnson] from the back of the car,” and roughly escorted her into the station, according to a lawsuit Johnson filed against the city in 2015. “Inside the station, Defendant Granias beat [Johnson] while [Johnson] was in hand-cuffs.”

At one point he “Granias” was believed to be one in a line of progressive officers who have overseen the department over the last 10 years; men and women representing a range of backgrounds and experience, but after looking closer with a fine tooth comb of this officers history-we will see a contrast of use of force offenses over 13 complaints 99% including “use of force incidents” all carried out against “blacks”

We as a community must recognize that there is a critical need for outreach and reform to address the very real pain that some are feeling in our city. We also recognize that changing the culture of a police force requires more than just a dedicated officers, and it can’t be done overnight. It takes the support of elected officials, community leaders, everyday citizens, and community minded” rank and file officers.

Our police department, like so many others, needs change. Whether it is being better trained to handle the mentally ill on our streets, to respect diverse cultural differences or to walk beats and protect people and property, it’s clear it is time to increase training and get rid of outdated approaches and more importantly the track to rid the Chicago Police Department of “Bad Officers” must come “swift and certain”

At this point-over the course of the next fews days (weeks), groups of citizens will began a public awareness campaigns in opposition of any organization that supports this officers continued employment with our City. This movement will start upon the release of this “open letter.”  Myself and community members are more than happy to sit down with you and address any concerns, after progress has been made to remove this officer from public service. 

Also, Let this proclamation extend to David Potash, President of  Wilber Wright College and his administration-where Professor Granias has worked as a faculty member under the criminal justice department. Wilber Wright College is where-We intend to organize Protest and rallies with students in the days ahead. We believe-No one with a well documented history of racial discrimination should receive any city pay or be on city payroll.

For the record-Freedom First International has taken on some of most “notable” civil rights cases in America for example Tamir Rice (Cleveland, OH), Alton Sterling (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) and others. We are committed to seeing this through until resolution happens.

Clearly this is an issue that requires your immediate attention.  Please proceed with the needs of the community in mind! 

Regards Bishop Gregg L.Greer, President of Freedom First International


Sent 9/21/2017 to the following:

Mayor of Chicago

Chicago District 11 (Commander) and 

COPA Administrative

Freedom First International Executive Team

Chicago and National Media


(For National Distribution-Sent September 21, 2017)


Freedom First International. Open Letter to Will County Officials asking for “Justice” in the Death of Semaj Crosby



Semaj Crosby (attribution,unknown)

Media Statement: Open Letter to Will County Officials asking for “Justice” in the Death of Semaj Crosby

    (For Immediate Release-Statement from the Freedom First International President)


Dear Attorney James Glasgow and Officials, 

We are deeply troubled by recent events involving 16 month-old Joliet Township resident-Semaj Crosby. As you very well know, Semaj Crosby, died on Sunday April 27, 2017- After 30 hours of searching for this child’s lifeless body, which tragically was found inside of a couch in the same Joliet Township residence which she lived. 

Respectfully Certain members of Semaj Crosby’s family, advocates and concerned residents of the city (township), as well as concerned people both in Illinois and nationally deserve to know what happened to this child. Simply put, we need answers and updates.  According to last known public facts, The coroner just yesterday determined, that the final cause and manner of the girl’s death is a  homicide, and for us. this is disturbing to say the least.

Please correct us on any facts that may show error but a recent Sheriff’s Office Freedom of Information Act release did disclose that officers came to Semaj’s Joliet Township house 59 times between February 2016 and April 2017. Forty of those calls were for probation checks. Also, according to records two of those calls were for “welfare checks,” one of them in October 2016 and one on March 4, 2017, records show. The concern here is with multiple agencies regularly coming into the residence-It is believed, more could have been done by ways of early intervention, subjectively this child’s life may have been saved.

While we support and uphold the efforts of local authorities to investigate, and support the ongoing review into the murder of this child, we respectfully request that a continued “Independent,” federal criminal civil rights investigation into the death of Semaj Crosby, must proceed. 

While-the vast majority of police officers serve and protect their communities, incidents like this if not handled properly degrade the trust necessary to maintain the relationship between law enforcement and communities. We urge you folks to swiftly conduct all necessary investigations and update the public accordingly. Still, what’s missing is the ongoing update of limited facts to restore the public confidence, which at this point according to a growing number of citizens, feel is beginning to diminish. 

For the record my organization has worked on a national level with human rights and civil rights cases including Tamir Rice (Cleveland, OH) and George Stinney (Manning, SC), and we are committed to supporting advocacy on the ground, and more so the goal of finding “Justice for Semaj Crosby.”

Lastly, “While we are aware of recent limited statements regarding the local investigation interference into this matter,-we also believe the outrageous nature of this death should prompt (an) immediate and thorough investigation  as well as regular community updates.”  Public accountability has to occur regardless of any community emotions that exist.  “We cannot imagine a scenario facing the City of Joliet (Joliet Township)  and Will County which more obviously demands accountability and justice.”

It is our goal to bring further attention to this case with a serious progressive national push in the coming days.

Bishop Gregg L Greer
President, Freedom First International (Executive Team)


Joliet City Mayor

Joliet County Supervisor

Joliet County Trustees 

Joliet Prosecutor 

Will County Deputy Coroner 

Freedom First International Executive Team

Local News


(For National Distribution-Sent September 13, 2017)

Media Statement: The Tragic Speech of Donald Trump on 8-22-2017

Media Brief:


   Media Statement: The Tragic  Speech of Donald Trump

 (For Immediate Release-Statement from the Freedom First International and it’s National President)

This evening Mr. Trump one again- fully engulfed himself in the “hate” speech that unfortunately continues to separate our national community. According to reports,  President Donald Trump on Tuesday defended his previous responses to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, while omitting that he blamed the clashes on “many sides.” The many sides meant that even the most violent “hate groups and their actions of hate were sanctioned”
Tonight- The speech was not only divisive but gives attack to one of the staples of democracy and any resemblance that we currently understand as peaceful citizens. To further, Donald Trumps speech and actions attacks the memory of a young civil rights worker Heather D. Heyer, who died tragically and was killed by hatemongers in Charlotesville, VA
As one of the organizers who put 16,000 people in downtown Chicago after the election, and one of the organizations who has been on the forefront to address the cancer of hatred that we now see on rise in our country-we believe that Americans must make a choice for the safety of our union. WITHOUT DOUBT-This president must go! We must urge all political pundits to commit to a strategy for removal!
Those who continue to stand with Mr.Trump are doing a grave injustice to everything that we believe when we say,-Truth, Justice and the American Way. You must now-make a choice-all efforts must be to “drain the swap of this president-the main swamp dog! 


Gregg L.Greer

President of Freedom First International



(For National Distribution-Sent August 23, 2017)

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTE: This message and any attachments are public. They are solely for the use of the intended For National Distribution-They are legally protected information by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. If you are not the intended recipient, please destroy all copies without reading or disclosing their contents and notify the sender of the error by reply e-mail. For addition commentary please sent to (media) or email

For Immediate Release: Freedom First International Media Statement on the Murder of Philando Castile

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In the case of Philando Castile our hearts go out to the family:



We are now at a time when we can’t depend on the Government more specifically the Department of Justice-In communities around the country. To an unaware public “Killer Cops” in many of these cases stay on the streets without prosecution.


The people are not being served, period. The Jeff Sessions Department of Justice message is as long as you wear a badge “you are above the law”


Once again as people are shouting “no justice, no peace,” We must continue to ignite and set off, an international dialog-Our goal is to remove any blockage standing in resistance to the prosecution of those who are responsible for Castile death.


“The whole thing is not just about Castile … it’s about justice in all of our community nationally and internally.” I call it final justice because we the people are tired now. After Tamir Rice, after John Crawford, after Eric Garner, we are tired now, and the only alternative must be for change.


Carefree days we must leave behind; Life’s duties urge us to be stronger, We must face our reality about our existence with a more serious mind. Because they have never been about our Humanity or our existence.

So we stand with Philando Castile and the Castile Family because final justice means the killings of young black men and women and those oppressed worldwide has to end.” No more! We must change or die!


Freedom First International Executive Team and President Gregg L. Greer


Further Reference:




(For National Distribution-Sent June 17, 2017)

Media Statement: Freedom First International on the Department of Justice refusal of federal charges in Alton Sterling’s shooting

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For Immediate Release: Statement on the Department of Justice refusal federal charges in Alton Sterling’s shooting 

In the case of Alton Sterling our hearts go out to the family:

We are now at a time when we can’t depend on the US Government more specifically the Department of Justice-In communities around the country. To an unaware public  “Killer Cops” in many of these cases stay on the streets without prosecution. The people are not being served, period. The Jeff Sessions Department of Justice message is as long as you wear a badge “you are above the law”

In Baton Rouge people are shouting  “no justice, no peace,” We must continue to ignite and set off, an international dialog-Our goal is to remove any blockage standing in resistance to the prosecution of those who are responsible for Sterling’s death. “The whole thing is not just about Alton … it’s about justice in all of our community nationally and internally.” I call it final justice because we the people are tired now. After Tamir Rice, after John Crawford, after Eric Garner, we are tired now, and the only alternative must be for change.

So we stand with Sandra Sterling and the Sterling Family because final justice means the killings of young black men and women has to end.” No more!

Freedom First International Executive Team

Further Reference:



(For National Distribution-Sent May 2, 2017)

For Immediate Release: Statement After Grands Rapids Police hold “Group of innocent Youths” at gun point! Protest are scheduled

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  (For Immediate Release-Statement from the Freedom First International President)

The questions we must ask ourselves. We could ask-Why would any police take the word of a man and hold a pistol over the body of 13-year-old boys? Why would any witness’ come forward with a story that was not correct?
Why-It’s because- They are victims of a police force that overwhelmingly assumes first that most young black men are criminals followed by fear of them. They are victims of bad legislation, like the Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, that gives anyone the unfettered right to kill “us” if they feel threatened in any way by “us.”. 
We need more love in our communities! We don’t see the same love and acceptance our black children unconditionally that you see in other communities even the white areas. Regardless of our child’s age- We demand respect and to instill feelings of acceptance and self-worth. I would suggest to the Police on the ground that day-You teach children, by how you treat them, that they are valuable and worthy of love. 
At any point, these children could have been a Trayvon Martin or a Tamir Rice? As Police Officials, you have the power to stave off feelings of emptiness that these young men feel day by day but it’s that unfortunate you choose not to! Instead, you penalize the children and for the rest of their lives, they develop a mistrust of Police Officials. 
Sure, you say that pointing the Gun at them was a protocol and procedure but I ask did you- talk to your children about racism ― tell them that Tamir Rice was just an innocent child whose death was motivated by racism.
Ultimately some of these questions will be answered by investigators. Other questions—the deeper, more disturbing ones that ask about equality and intolerance—must be answered by our communities, and we will not accept any answer as sufficient. We will be the voice that controls the Narrative of our community.
For your part, a public apology is in order and I also ask that you make a proclamation for change. Nothing else will be sufficient.
For my part I’m organizing a “Peaceful Protest Rally to be scheduled at  1 Monroe Center St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 at noon this Saturday.” 

This date has dual significance because it was after a jury acquitted four police officers in 1991 when the videotaped beating of Rodney King, a Black motorist, widespread riots broke out in South Central Los Angeles.
Also, this date makes the 100th day that Donald Trump is in Office and under his Department of Justice is very challenged to act in civil court cases against police misconduct,  While U.S. cities have made steady progress in the management of the use of force and racial profiling. It is tragic that the Trump administration’s Department of Justice is turning its back on that progress, depriving Americans of the effective, safe and constitutional policing. 
Pastor Gregg L. Greer-President of Freedom First International


(For National Distribution-Sent April 26 , 2017)

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Media Statement: The Questionable Death of Shawn Brider-Chicago Man who died in Custody

FFI Logo  (For Immediate Release-Statement from the Freedom First International President)

“The Questionable Death of  Shawn Brider in Chicago is tragic. For this Man to die in Custody in a District 3 Police lockup is another unfortunate clog in the wheels of injustice that adds to a sad and tragic collection of unfortunate incidents-again when traffic stops and normal encounters with citizens turn deadly-we all must question-the effects of what could have been done differently by CPD to avoid loss of life.

Outside of the unnecessary loss of life. There is a larger issue that officials and everyone on the ground must consider that is:

The Black Community in Poor Chicago are systematically being forced down a dark well and worn out by the constant microaggressions, with every incident deepens the divide. When a suspect is arrested for merely sleeping in a car, we would have to ask the question where is the accountability? Did Brider have to be arrested and taken to the district or could he have been ticked?-The evidence is super compelling: The Chicago Police Department is in urgent need of reform. While the problems are clear, the path to solutions is filled with controversy. Even after Chicago Police Department was sanctioned by DOJ federal investigators who found that officers routinely used excessive force against minorities and tolerated “racially discriminatory conduct” by officers we still are seeing wide-spread abuse and issues-that could be routinely avoidable.” A change is needed CPD!

Pastor Gregg L.Greer-Freedom First International, SCLC Chicago 

-If we as American Citizens continue to feel alienated and see that day in and day out- our human life is being taken without even a small ‘trinket,’ of justice-Then we literally give a “green light,” to those who wish to bring gasoline to fan racial flames and say that the “killing of a black man in America-means nothing to the law, because when you kill them’ you will not face charges. We now appeal for Law and Order and Common Sense, with Chicago Police Power. We then say’ That is a loss of life sets a dangerous pattern, and it must end!

We are now involved and will assist the community in this investigation for justice our call is global and we do this for Shawn Brider. We will use #Whathappenedtoshawnbrider

 Gregg L.Greer, President of Freedom First International (SCLC)



(For National Distribution-Sent April 11 , 2016)

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