Chicago Activist will join Liberty For Lights Protest Vigil Against what they are Calling Trump’s Illegal Ice Concentration Camps

Multinational  Protest Vigil Against ICE  Friday July 12, 2019 Stating at 5:00 p.m. at Federal Plaza 219 South Dearborn Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL- Freedom First International (Bishop Gregg L.Greer) will join Refuse Fascism Chicago and Community Activist across the City to address Trump’s human detention camps, where teen mothers and babies are held outdoors in what we are calling “dog pounds.”

The organizations believe and agree that as a country we have witnessed the sick and elderly confined to “icebox” rooms for weeks at a time. Unbelievably, children as young as 4 months are taken from their parents, medicine is confiscated, and medical care withheld, and LGBTQ and disabled individuals are held in solitary confinement.
Trumps Immigration Threat

But the threat of immigration raids in cities across America this weekend including Chicago this weekend immigrants are afraid for fear of being deported. Since President Donald Trump announced, and later postponed, immigration raids in major U.S. cities have been terrified. Over the last three years, Trump has followed through on many of his tweets announcing new immigration policies, including the Muslim ban.

Multinational Locations Are part of this event
  • Other key events are planned in Homestead, FL, at a migrant child detention facility that has caused mass abuse and neglect.
  • San Diego, near the point of entry site from Tijuana;
  • New York City, at Foley Square, where hundreds of migrants are processed through detention a day;
  • Washington, DC, in front of the Capitol building, to demand action from Congress to end human detention and impeach the President.
  • Chicago, IL will include several groups  Sponsored by:
    Refuse Fascism Chicago (Lead Organization)
    Freedom First International
    July for Justice
    United for Democracy Now
    R.I.S.E. South East Chicago
    American Muslim Task Force on Civil Rights & Elections (AMT)
    Black Lives Matter Women of Faith

Plan of Action

  • 5 P.M. Gather at Federal Plaza for Forum.
  • Followed by a march and vigil outside ICE Headquarters at 101 W. Congress Parkway.  


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Reference #2 (Media about the Federal ICE Raids)


WHAT:   Chicago Activist will join Liberty For Lights Protest Vigil Against what they are Calling Trump’s Illegal Concentration Camps

WHERE:   Friday July 12, 2019 starting at  5:00pm CST. 


    Federal Center and Plaza

    219 S Dearborn St, Chicago, Illinois 60603

WHO: Refuse Fascism, Freedom First International, Rise South East Chicago, American Muslim Task Force on Civil Rights & Elections (AMT) and Multiple Community Activist.

WHY:  The Trump administration’s immigration policies and detention camps meet the United Nations’ definition of genocide and crimes against humanity.

PHOTO/STORY OPP: Chicago Community and Civic Organizations, Public Interest Story about the Federal Immigration problem. 

AREA of INTEREST: Community Activist Urge Public Unfair Treatment Issue in with people of color Nationally. 

National (local) News and other media surrounding the incident: Yes ongoing (see media section)

Are media advisers willing to give one on one interviews:  Yes


Lead Activist-Media Advisers

You may contact Media Director- Washington Bailey III, or email for more information or at  (312) 674-7973 ex 6


Media Advisory

Chicago Based-Freedom First International has lead and organized some of the most renown civil rights cases in America-including Semaj Crosby, Tamir Rice and others. As Community Reform Specialist Freedom has protected the civil rights, human rights and social justice of the our National community for over ten years.  

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For Immediate Release: Statement After Grands Rapids Police hold “Group of innocent Youths” at gun point! Protest are scheduled

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  (For Immediate Release-Statement from the Freedom First International President)

The questions we must ask ourselves. We could ask-Why would any police take the word of a man and hold a pistol over the body of 13-year-old boys? Why would any witness’ come forward with a story that was not correct?
Why-It’s because- They are victims of a police force that overwhelmingly assumes first that most young black men are criminals followed by fear of them. They are victims of bad legislation, like the Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, that gives anyone the unfettered right to kill “us” if they feel threatened in any way by “us.”. 
We need more love in our communities! We don’t see the same love and acceptance our black children unconditionally that you see in other communities even the white areas. Regardless of our child’s age- We demand respect and to instill feelings of acceptance and self-worth. I would suggest to the Police on the ground that day-You teach children, by how you treat them, that they are valuable and worthy of love. 
At any point, these children could have been a Trayvon Martin or a Tamir Rice? As Police Officials, you have the power to stave off feelings of emptiness that these young men feel day by day but it’s that unfortunate you choose not to! Instead, you penalize the children and for the rest of their lives, they develop a mistrust of Police Officials. 
Sure, you say that pointing the Gun at them was a protocol and procedure but I ask did you- talk to your children about racism ― tell them that Tamir Rice was just an innocent child whose death was motivated by racism.
Ultimately some of these questions will be answered by investigators. Other questions—the deeper, more disturbing ones that ask about equality and intolerance—must be answered by our communities, and we will not accept any answer as sufficient. We will be the voice that controls the Narrative of our community.
For your part, a public apology is in order and I also ask that you make a proclamation for change. Nothing else will be sufficient.
For my part I’m organizing a “Peaceful Protest Rally to be scheduled at  1 Monroe Center St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 at noon this Saturday.” 

This date has dual significance because it was after a jury acquitted four police officers in 1991 when the videotaped beating of Rodney King, a Black motorist, widespread riots broke out in South Central Los Angeles.
Also, this date makes the 100th day that Donald Trump is in Office and under his Department of Justice is very challenged to act in civil court cases against police misconduct,  While U.S. cities have made steady progress in the management of the use of force and racial profiling. It is tragic that the Trump administration’s Department of Justice is turning its back on that progress, depriving Americans of the effective, safe and constitutional policing. 
Pastor Gregg L. Greer-President of Freedom First International


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